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Automatic: When a critical angle of heeling or pitch poling is exceeded the ACS acts directly by progressively releasing the sails.

Autonomous: The ACS depends on no external equipment or instrumentation (electronic or computerised), thus insuring a high level of stability and reliability. Negligible consumption on standby (0.010A) allowing the system to remain switched on without risk of electrical overconsumption. 

The result of two years of development and trials, in particular in the high performance area of racing multihulls, the Anti-Capsize System was patented in 2003 by Marc and Roger Ganovelli. On the market since 2004, the system has satisfied all available tests. Custom-fitted aboard each vessel, the ACS offers indispensable automated safety in the search for efficiency and reliable performance on multihulls: automatic release of the sails when pre-set angles of heeling and pitch poling are exceeded.

To date, the ACS has been installed and tested on several of the 60-foot racing trimarans participating in the route du Rhum 2006 and in other ocean races:


 GROUPAMA    Franck CAMMAS  (60 foot ORMA trimaran) 
 BANQUE POPULAIRE    Pascal BIDEGORRY    (60 foot ORMA trimaran)
 BROSSARD      Yvan BOURGNON   (60 foot ORMA trimaran)
 SOPRA GROUP     Antoine KOCH   (60 foot ORMA trimaran)
 REGION GUADELOUPE    Claude THELIER    (60 foot ORMA trimaran)
 IDEC     Francis JOYON  (29.70 m Gclass trimaran)


During the route du Rhum, skippers and media commended its efficiency and performance.

This is an indispensible safety system for both racing and cruising vessels. Minimal in size and suitable for all types of configuration (hydraulic or electrical).

Simple to use and ergonomically designed, the Anti-Capsize System for cruising multihulls has been developed with a specific configuration for added security.